Do I need financial advice?

Life can be complex – it’s hard to completely understand all aspects of financial investment, superannuation and what your future lifestyle will need to effectively ensure you are creating the best outcome for all parts of your life. Having financial advice from our expert Advisers will ensure you are getting the correct outcomes that will tailor to all your needs.

If you’re concerned on making sure your financial situation is the best it can be, then the Pinnacle Financial Services team will conduct professional and effective advice for all their clientele.

When is the right time to get financial advice?

It’s never too early or too late to seek financial advice. However, the sooner you create your financial roadmap, the sooner you can build the life you want, and live with better peace of mind for the present and future. Pinnacle Financial’s goals is to add value to every life stage of our clients’ journeys; whether this being purchasing a first home, getting ready to start a family or later in life when you are preparing to retire or downsize your home.

How much does financial planning cost?

Your initial consultation is obligation free and at our expense. The ongoing cost will depend on the complexity of your financial situation and plan, as well as the fee method the adviser uses.
Your adviser will always clearly communicate your ongoing fee and ensure you are comfortable to proceed with our advice.

What will I expect from our initial meeting?

When you book your first meeting with one of our advisers, you will have the opportunity to ensure you are comfortable with the financial adviser and to be understood with all your queries.

Our advisers will ask series of questions to determine what the most efficient advice will be to suit your circumstances, from there on you can decide whether you wish to proceed with further advice.

How will I benefit from receiving financial advice?

A financial adviser will access your available resources and form a clear understanding of your stated financial needs, goals and objectives, compile appropriate advice through documented recommendations. They will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you understand the financial plan, explaining how it brings all elements from your personal situation together for a stress-free outcome in your financial independence.

What should I expect from a Financial Adviser?

Throughout your process with your financial adviser it will be ensured you are confident in understanding more about your financial situation and expect the best suited plans for all your financial needs.